Food meant to be eaten slowly for your well being.

Since the opening of New York Bonjuk on November 3, 2006, well-being slow food has been introduced to the eastern United States.
It was established, trusted by many consumers, and expanded. New Jersey Bonjuk opened in 2011.
We carry out the procedure of a porridge specialty shop in name and reality.

뉴욕 본죽이 2006년 11월 3일에 오픈한이후로 well-being slow food 로 현재까지 미국 동부에
자리잡아 많은 소비자로 신뢰를 받고 확대하여 20011년 뉴저지 본죽을 오픈하여
명실상부한 죽전문점으로 성장하였습니다.


"I Love Bonjuk!👍❤ I really like their Avalon porridge, Shrimp porridge, and Spicy Octopus porridge! So delicious and a healthy warm meal!👍👍👍"

Michelle P.


"Food was delectable and delicious. The wait staff was very friendly and attentive and the presentation and preparation of the food was impeccable. Everything was fresh and delicious. A place that’s worth multiple visits as the food and service is impeccable and reliable."

Furqan T.


"I really like the porridge here, very healthy and tasty. Hostess here is always nice and very helpful whenever we have questions about the menu items.👍👍"

Betty H.

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